Rohan William Charlesworth

I need a new website, this is over 2 years old...

Developer primarily using PHP

Currently a Junior Software Engineer with over 2 years experience

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About Me

I graduated from Northumbria University in 2017 with a Web Design and Development degree

Currently working for a telecommunications company on their customer focusing systems

I enjoy new technology, making websites and coffee

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Curriculum Vitae

Technical Skills

and areas of less than expertise


6 years of learning and comfortable with the use


From a product library to live chat system


I can write queries?

jQuery and Bootstrap

Learnt through the creation of this site and current work

Program Usage

Knowledge of software suites

Microsoft Office

Probably a given but worth mentioning

Photoshop, Premiere & Illustrator

Not the most artistic but fine with Technical usage

Content Management Systems

Experience using Wordpress & Drupal (sadly)

Windows, OSX and some Linux Distros

Windows and Android user but agnostic overall

My weakness

and other reasons to judge me

I like Edge

I am growing to like Firefox Developer Edition

I had a Zune

and I didn't just want to be different

Smart Watches

I have bought 4 and never really used them enough


Who doesn't love it?

Some of My Work

Old to New

And do please ignore because I haven't done

anything in my spare time for a long time

Please message me

I need friends.

Contact Info

Wakefield, West Yorkshire